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There are four components:
1.) ActiveX dll (MulticastProxyActiveX.dll). To install, copy the DLL locally and register it using regsvr32. You could also modify SamplePlayer.html to reference the DLL and have IE prompt to allow it to run.
2.) NPAPI dll (npstarlight.dll). To install, copy to your Firefox plugins directory.
3.) Mac NPAPI plugin (MulticastProxyNP.bundle). To install, copy to /System/Library/Internet Plugins or ~/Library/Internet Plugins (for system or user level installation respectively).
4.) Server side components ( Unzip on a web server and create a virtual directory pointing to the unzipped structure.

Assuming the virtual directory is “multicast”, navigate to http://server/multicast/SamplePlayer.html using a machine that has the native components and the Silverlight runtime version 2.0 or 3.0 installed.

The sample player page has a simple text box to add stream URL. You can use the controls on the page to build a client side playlist, and then hit the Play button. When Play is clicked, the media element on the player page should begin playing all urls in the playlist in order. If the url points to an NSC file, the multicast plugin will detect this and begin playing the multicast stream. If it points to a unicast url, the player will attempt to play the unicast url directly.

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